Donor Info and Perks

The duration of your Donor benefits depend on how much you donate.

Money (USD) TF2 Plain Keys Donor Time
$5 USD 3 Keys 1 Month
$10 USD 6 Keys 2 Months
$25 USD 15 Keys 6 Months
$40 USD 26 Keys 1 Year
$60 USD 40 Keys Lifetime

PayPal donors must pay fees.

To donate with money, click the green Donate button below.
To donate with TF2 keys, please contact one of the following server Admins.
For lifetime donor, please contact one of the following server Admins with proof of purchase (anonymized screenshot of PayPal receipt).

Donation Admins

Please use one of these links to avoid scams
Strider - Discord: @benini (Benini#0531), Steam: Strider
Serket - Discord: @serket_ (Serket#6134), Steam: Serket

  • AFK Immunity
  • Be the Robot
  • Bonus Round Immunity
  • Bumper Car
  • Colored Name
  • Colorize Yourself
  • Glowing Effect
  • Halloween Footprints
  • Heavy Cakes
  • Player Pitch
  • Rainbow Glow
  • Reserved Slot
  • Resize Head & Body
  • Respawn Sound & Effect
  • Scoutapult
  • Sheens
  • Skeleton Sniper
  • Skybox
  • Sparkly Head & Feet
  • Special Ragdolls
  • Stun Self
  • Taunt Pose
  • Taunt Speed
  • Tracer Rounds
  • Trailgun
  • Unlimited Voice Commands
  • AFK Immunity
  • Colored Name
  • Reserved Slot
  • Colored Name
  • (Most if not all perks are currently unavailable on MvM.)
Perk Command(s) Description
AFK Immunity None When you receive your donor perks, you automatically get Away From Keyboard immunity. This means you will not be kicked from the server for being AFK.
Be the Robot /robot /betherobot Allows you to switch into the Mann VS Machine robot equivalent of your current class. To revert back simply use the command again.
Bonus Round Immunity None When you receive your Donor perks, you automatically receive bonus round immunity. This means that the opposing team cannot kill you after the round has ended. We've all been there, on the losing team with our hands in the air while the winning team storms the spawn and demolishes your team while you're forced to do nothing. Well, never again will you be killed!
Bumper Car /kartme /kartifyme This command will put you in a kart, use it again to remove yourself from your kart.
Colored Name /togglecolors When you receive your Donor perks, you automatically get a colored name. This makes you stand out from all the other players, and as a Donor, your name will be a green color rather than the default red/blue. This is the only perk that takes a map change to take effect. You can disable your custom chat tag/color using /togglecolors.
Colorize Yourself /colorme Allows you to change your color. You can always revert yourself back to the default colors by typing /colorme normal in chat. So if you're wanting to color yourself yellow then the proper chat command would be; /colorme yellow and /colorme normal to revert back to default.
Glowing Effect /glowme This command makes you glow. You can only toggle it on, to remove the glow you must be killed or suicide.
Halloween Footprints /footprints Allows you to give yourself Halloween footprints. To toggle footprints, run the command again.
Heavy Cakes /cavevich Replaces your thrown sandviches and buffalo steak sandviches with cakes! Running the command again will restore your sandviches to normal.
Rainbow Glow /rainbowme Gives your body a glowing, rainbow'd outline similar to that of a Payload cart.
Player Pitch /pitch, /lowpitch, /highpitch Change the pitch of your character's voice.
Reserved Slot None The server sets aside a few player slots for Donors and Staff. You can join even if the server says it's full.
Resize Head & Body /resizemyhead /resizeme Allows you to resize both your head and body through menus. You can access the resizing menu by typing /resizeme in chat for your body and /resizemyhead in chat to resize your head. You can use /resizereset to restore yourself to normal.
Respawn Sound & Effect None Upon respawn, Donors will emit a dinging sound and spout confetti!
Scoutapult /scoutapult Launch a teammate into the air with a special partner taunt! Just send the command and have your teammate stand in front of you. The completion of your taunt will send them off.
Sheens /sheen Choose a killstreak effect for any weapon.
Skeleton Sniper /skeleton Changes your player model into a skeleton. Only players using the Sniper class are able to use this particular perk. To restore your model, simply enter the command again.
Skybox /skybox Teleports you to a map's 3D skybox, if possible on a given map. Please note that this command might get you stuck on some maps.
Sparkly Head & Feet /sparkle_head /sparkle_feet Gives your head or feet sparkles. Because let's face it, you deserve some sparkles in your life.
Special Ragdolls /ragdoll Allows you to change the properties of ragdolls you create, even your own when you die!
Stun Self /stunme This command allow you to stun yourself.
Taunt Pose /pose Opens a menu that lets you control your taunt speed.
Taunt Speed /tauntspeedme Allows you to adjust your taunt speed.
Tracer Rounds /toggletracers Fire tracer rounds with hitscan weapons.
Trailgun /trailgun Use your secondary fire to launch props! You can enable/disable this perk using the /trailgun menu.
Unlimited Voice Commands None When you receive your Donor perks, you gain the ability to bypass the voice command limiter. This means you can spam "MEDIC!, ME-ME-MEDIC!" There's nothing you have to do to activate this, just spam away! You can also spam voice commands with the /voicecmd command.