Rules & Server Info

Server Info

Welcome to LazyPurple's TF2 Servers!

The Silly Servers are for players to socialize and have goofy fun. This means that people are free to chill, do crazy and unconventional things, and enjoy a non-serious TF2 experience. If you regularly kill people who are goofing off and not being combative, you will be warned and eventually kicked. This does not mean that you cannot kill, period. Just leave folks alone if they aren't trying to fight.

If there are players who are excessively killing others, instigating conflict, or just plainly being a nuisance, use the votekick system if necessary or request help from a Moderator on our Discord Server.

The Lazy Pub is our standard combat-oriented TF2 server. Hop on in and get fragging!

On the MvM server... BLOW SOME SH*T UP!

Server Rules

  • 1. Staff members have the final call on rule enforcement.
    • Moderators and Admins have the power to warn, kick, and ban players who do not follow the rules. Do not harass staff for enforcing server rules. Ban protests should be submitted through lazypurple.com/sourcebans. Donors are not Staff members! They are expected to follow the same rules as everyone else!
  • 2. Treat all people on the server with respect.
    • Don't be an asshole! Harrassment, bullying, toxicity and general rudeness towards fellow players is not tolerated. Don't bait other players into arguments. On the Silly Servers, don't bait others into attacking you. If folks want to be left alone, leave them alone!
  • 3. Bigoted nor pornographic material is not permitted.
    • Players are expected to follow the following content guidelines: Bigoted / pornographic material is not permitted. Sprays and items (including Objectors and cosmetics), voice comms, and text comms should not have any content that contains: Explicit sex acts or excessively suggestive material, nor nudity or near-nudity, nor racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and bigotry in general. Moderators have the power of discretion in saying if something violates these rules. If a Staff member says your spray/character/item/comms break one of these rules, you are expected to remove the material in question from view.
  • 4. Votekicks are allowed if someone is breaking the rules.
    • Votekick is enabled when no staff are on the server. It can be used to remove players who are not following the rules. You can contact a Staff member in the #help channel of our Discord if necessary. Do not call malicious kick votes. Calling votes for no reason (examples: for the heck of it, because you just don't like them, because you don't like their micspam, etc.) is punishable even if the vote does not pass.
  • 5. Use comms responsibly.
    • Text chat spam is not permitted. Do not spam trade, offers, binds or ads over chat nor voice. This is not a trade server; trade spam will result in a comms block. Don't yell over other users, and keep annoying/disgusting noises out of voice chat. Micspam is allowed on the Silly Servers but not on the Pub. Micspam should be of decent sound quality (no playing music from your phone into your mic). Don't spam over other spammers, keep the volume moderate, don't spam just to be annoying.
  • No hacking, exploits, etc.
    • Hacking, intentionally causing the server to crash, dangerous game exploits, and any other methods that disrupt function of the server will result in a permanent ban.

Two additional rules apply on the Silly Servers:

  • 1. Do not kill excessively (RDM).
    • Randomly attacking other players, or Random Deathmatching (RDM), is not permitted. This is a goof-around server; murder should be kept to a minimum. Tauntkilling is permitted in small quantities, doing so constantly is considered RDM. Trolldiering and Pyrosharking outside of duels is considered RDM.
  • 2. Dueling is okay so long as you have permission.
    • Dueling against other player(s) is okay so long as you have permission from those you are dueling. When you're dueling, please don't kill players outside of the duel. When you're not dueling, don't kill players who are dueling.

Two additional rules apply on the Lazy Pub:

  • 1. Some shittalking is allowed.
    • Don't go overboard with it.
  • 2. Avoid the friendly crap!
    • On the Pub, the focus is on standard TF2 gameplay. Some goofing off is okay; being wholly friendly or simply not playing is not permitted.

One additional rule applies on the MvM Server:

  • 1. Keep your head in the game!.
    • We allow some goofing off on this server, but please adjust your level of effort to the difficulty of the mission. Feel free to mess around in a low-difficulty mission, but put some effort in when the server is set to Advanced/Expert missions. Do not impede the team's progress through the mission.